about the artist artist statement

I lived most of my life in Mumbai, India where bovine creatures are a large part of the culture. Their existence against the backdrop of a metropolitan city is ironic and amusing and I chose to sculpturally explore these animal forms within the Indian context.

My move to Toronto and the change in culture has led to a new aesthetic. Surface decoration is now eliminated, leading to an exploration of space, form and line.

Throwing and altering, hand building and slabs are some of the techniques I use to create my sculptures. The process used depends on what will yield the best result and changes with each sculpture making it challenging and exciting.

I fire to a variety of temperatures ranging from Cone 04 to Cone 10, depending on the desired surface. I obtain matt surfaces which I prefer through the use of matt glazes, slips, lower than maturity temperatures or sand blasting.

Bovine forms make appearances in my work but my current observations are more innate. My present concepts are based on personal experience. They describe passing thoughts, transient phases and fleeting emotions in a minimalist style. They are a visual statement about change, growth and a personal story.